5 Ways to Own Your Place in the Digital Space through Blogging

When I got started with blogging, I was fresh out of university, unemployed and wanted something to do.

Compared to now, blogging was the thing, it was in — I was reading tonnes of them, mostly fashion blogs and didn’t know the true power behind the creating one and using it as a platform to create value and market myself.

My first blog was on Blogspot platform, a fashion accessories blog, which was created when I started selling fashion accessories and wanted to reach a wider audience while sharing inspiration on how to wear the pieces. 

I didn’t give it much thought in terms of generating revenue, I thought that was only for the ‘big name’ bloggers or popular people — and believe me, I was none of that. I was wanted to get sales for my pieces and creative way to inspire others to buy them. 

There are many things I wish I had known when I started blogging, but for some people like me, we don’t learn unless we do and fail.

I wouldn’t call my fashion blog a failure, it provided insight on what was possible which was leveraging the digital space is great for building authority and sharing what you know. 

Since then, I have created quite a few blogs, from career-related, personal, travel inspiration, women-focused and inspirational blog — a few that I did anonymously because I didn’t want people to know what I was doing. 

I grew my women-focused blog, from just a blog to now building a sustainable business that will provide value for millennial women

Here I want to share, 5 ways to own your digital place through blogging

1. Share what you know.

The best way build credibility is by sharing what you know. If you are great at something share it with your others, whether it for the purposes of informing, educating, entertaining and inspiring. When considering what you will be sharing, focus on a niche you have vast knowledge or experience in, it will provide a great opportunity to leverage your blog into career opportunities. If you are hoping to find opportunities through your blog, the most effective content will be those that are useful and valuable that showcases your knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

Take instance Mattie James, she shares content on the business of blogging since she has a vast knowledge in the area. Also, Claire Sulmers is a great example of someone who shares her knowledge on growing a blog into a business as well as breaking into the fashion industry since she has vast experience. In my case, I use my blog to share what I know as well as to share my portfolio of projects and services I provide.

2. Promote Yourself.

The mistake I’ve made is not promoting myself and trust me I am working on it!

Creating content and sharing it helps to build awareness — make social media your best friend and make it your duty to schedule and publish your content on channels that work for you! Explore different mediums and find what sticks — what I have found work for me is sharing content I post via Twitter and Instagram posts and stories.

A few people and brands I see do this well are Ianthia SmithEmmelie De La CruzKela Walker, Mattie James, HR Boss, Create and Cultivate and Nicole Campbell.

3. Create, create, create some more. Create Value.

The key to blogging is creating, there is no way around that if you don’t create they won’t know what you’re about.

Through my own experiences, I’ve found that creating content has helped people to be more aware of what I know. There are various platforms for creating content from videos, podcasts, and blogging — I’d say explore and find what works for you! Some people are better at videos than writing and if that's you, do that. In my case, I have explored all and have a preference for writing and podcasting. While I am not 100% comfortable with video just yet, I’ve found that it’s a great option to stretch myself and helps to give my audience an idea of my personality.

This is the most tedious part which will require time allocation for content creation. I’d suggest creating an editorial calendar of all your post ideas and what you want to share. Evernote is a great tool to jot blog post ideas and notes while on the go.

When creating content, think value and evergreen. What can you create that will bring value to your readers? Know those same topics you know well but take for granted, chances are there are many others who would like to learn what you know.

Another important point to note is to be valuable. Share content that will be of value to your audience. Focus on content that is actionable and shareable — whether it helps with a problem or provides insight. You are creating content because you want readers to take action. To ensure this happens, it’s important to understand the needs of your audience and address those needs. 

4. Be consistent.

How often will you create and publish content? One of the mistakes creators often make (I have too), is creating content in an inconsistent manner. To help keep your audience engaged, create a system for content creation and publishing. For instance, you may allot Saturdays for brainstorming, Sundays for content creation and scheduling and Tuesdays for publishing.

Consistency helps to keep you on track and your audience coming back for more. When you create a system that works for you and your schedule, it helps you to stay on top of your game. Remember, consistency is key!

5. Find your niche.

When I first started blogging, I choose a theme/niche (what do you know well and or have a great interest in?). Many bloggers take the same approach when starting a blog, which is knowing exactly what they want to share in the digital space — is it, careers, sports, beauty, and fashion?

Choose a theme you have a great interest in and enjoy talking about with others. While some persons write on various interests, the key is to know what you’re talking about and be passionate about sharing that story or information with others.

To develop a loyal following, choose a primary theme that will give your audience a clear idea what you’re about, which will keep them coming back for more and potentially sharing it with others.

Do your blog for your personal brand or business? Share your comments below.