The Riveter - Content Strategy and Web-based Map Creation

The Riveter is a female-forward co-working space and community designed for business and impact, based in Seattle, Washington.

Our bold, collaborative spaces give you the latitude to think big. Cultivate your skills and share your expertise, grow your networks, and fuel your mind, body and soul. We aren’t a private social club, we welcome men and allies into our membership and our movement to empower all women everywhere. Located in Seattle and soon across the country, The Riveter is the platform where the trail of shattered glass shines brighter every day.
— The Riveter

Through my work at For Women to Women, I was selected as a participant of the the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative 2017 cohort. I gained valuable professional development skills at entrepreneurial organizations or companies across the U.S. and worked jointly on an action plan to be implemented upon my return to their home.

I was placed with The Riveter in Capitol Hill, Seattle for a period of 4-weeks, where I contributed to community engagement projects. I worked alongside the Director of Operations and Community Management where I utilized my creative strategic skills to:

  • Develop a strategic community engagement plan for continued membership growth and retention.
  • Create an interactive web-based map for community members showcasing over 30 surrounding amenities.
  • Conducted research on user experience ideas for members portal and recommended visual layout to improve user engagement. 
  • Hosted a Live Learn session on 'Limiting Beliefs' in collaboration with Nicole Negron, which attracted 15 new attendees to The Riveter, Capitol Hill space.

Interactive Web Map Resource Guide for Community Members

One of main projects while working at The Riveter over the period was creating an interactive web map for community members to use as a guide, which showcased over 30 surrounding amenities. The web-map was created using Google Maps as means to help the custodians easily update data to maintained updated and relevant data.

My Experience at The Riveter