Here's How to Find that Thing That Fulfils You



I have always been a big believer in living a purposeful life. What is life if you are not living out some of your wildest and fondest dreams. What's the purpose if all we do is dream and never take that risk to try, even if we will fail? 

Sitting in a 9-5 job not loving what you do, isn't purposeful or even wise. Being fearful of taking that step to change your path in life isn't either. But how does one know what is their passion? How does one even know what gets them ticking? 

Finding your passion is about being self-aware - connecting with yourself, being more mindful of what fulfils you and what drains you. For instance, which tasks you do enjoy doing on a daily basis? What is one thing you enjoy doing day in day out? What enlightens your spirit? What do you see yourself doing ten years down the road? You have to be clear in your mind about the direction you want your life to take. Not knowing your values and desires hinders the process of living a life worth living thus leaving you miserable, unfulfilled and stuck.

Activity: Spend a few minutes every day to self-evaluate - identify what makes you excited about life and what is one thing you don't want to do even if you would get paid millions of dollars. Also, spend the time to explore and try new things - through this experience, you become aware of what ignites you. 

Passion and living a purposeful life is not what others see fit for you, but what you see fit for yourself. Deciding to live life the way others see fit for you is balderdash. Knowing what you want and living life passionately influences us to be players and leaders instead of followers or mere wanderers of life. 

But the truth is many of us, will never live a life we are passionate about because of 

  • Naysayers: Often, they are persons closest to us telling us we can't do something. 
  • The limit we have created for ourselves: The lies you tell yourself about not being capable of achieving something or not being ready because the moment isn't perfect. 
  • The fear we have allowed to take control of our life: Like being afraid to go after our dreams because we don't want to fail or be rejected. The truth is you will have to face it one day, fail now, fail small and fail fast!
  • The fear of leaving our comfort zone: Nothing grows in a comfortable place. Do you have an idea that scares the shit out of you, go for it? The fear is a sign that it's worth giving it a shot!

But what if you removed the negativity, the doubt, that limited beliefs? What if you took that leap of faith and decided to live out the most darn thing you have always wanted to do?   

Doing what you are most passionate about won't always seem practical to those around you or even yourself, but the truth is, once you are passionate about something, you will always try to find possible ways of making a profit. So, of course, yes, money is important for me - but doing something I am passionate about, brings more meaning to my life. 

Waking up every morning dreading the job I am going to do for the next 8-9 hours that sucks the life out of me is something I won’t be doing the rest of life.

Not being passionate often means, you won't put out your 100% effort to making things happen. And living a purposeful life means giving your 100% all the time.

Scott Dinsmore's TEDTalk highlights three surprisingly simple practices for finding and doing work you love, that all happen to be completely within our control. Take notes guys, he Scott gave some excellent points. 

Have you found that one thing that fulfills you? Is it something you would do for the rest of your life?