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Hi, I'm Carey.

Creating and improving is my jam!

I enjoy helping others to grow by sharing what I know and doing what I love - that is using my creative thinking skills and eye as well as visual strategy and design, career advancement, women empowerment and self-growth.

Carey-Lee Dixon enjoys using her creative skills and passion for helping others to grow to design purpose-filled lives, careers and businesses.


She is a trained geospatial professional and creative designer with experience in thinking creatively and strategically to develop and drive the implementation and continuous improvement of geospatial technologies, standards and market-leading content and programs to foster innovation and growth within both government and non-government organizations. 

Now, she runs For Women to Women – a digital resources platform and community for 20-30-something-year-old purpose-driven, career-oriented and entrepreneurial women.

She has been named Women’s Entrepreneur Day, Jamaica Youth Ambassador for 2015 and awarded the Iconic Women Inspiring Change Award at the 2017 Women Economic Forum.

Carey-Lee's influence is strong in bringing together women of diverse backgrounds to share their stories in a raw and authentic way, which is evident by her events, Mentor Gathering and annual Empowerment Brunch.

The Gist

2011: I started selling fashion accessories and created my first 'public' blog, Exclusive Umpf to market my accessories when I had graduated from university and was unemployed (I won 'Best New Blog' after 5 months of creating the blog).

2012: I took an unpaid internship to garner knowledge and skills in my career field when I was still unemployed after graduating from university (I moved from being an unpaid intern to getting my first 'real' job).

2012: I started For Women to Women when I was in the first three months of an unpaid internship (the blog with no definite path turned into a community designed for empower 20-30-something-yo women to grow in their personal and professional lives and helped me to find my purpose).

Through my career, I learned the importance of about growing in my career through self-management and leveraging my strengths in graphic designing and creative thinking to stand out among my peers.


2015: I kick-started my freelancing career in content development and strategy and graphic designing using Fiverr, when I left my previous job broke with no job lined up (I learned to leverage my skillset, create my own opportunities and earn from it).

2016: Got fired after re-entering the working world. Learned the importance and power of self-realization and defining my own path.

2017: Working on establishing For Women to Women as a revenue-generating business while working on doing more work in the areas of innovation management and creative conceptualization as well as sharing my knowledge and lessons through public speaking.

2017: Currently studying Innovation Management with Rotterdam School of Management via Coursera. Selected as Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Professional Fellow.

You don't have to PERFECT to START! Start where you are and keep building and believing in your dreams.